Server Settings


We have 3 big and extremely hard static missions:

Concrete Drugs:
Spawns 1 crate full of building materials + 1 Crate of Weapons and Launchers.

Fortress of Pyrgos + Fortress of Saltlake:
Spawns a random vehicle from a simple tank up to an artillery + 1 Crate of Weapons and Launchers + 1 Crate of Supplies.

The other bandid missions have specific loot, mostly adjusted to theire names. Also some missions have a certain chance of spawning "trash" or the real reward. So just try the same mission again if you were unlucky at one time :P

There are 3 different types of city missions (The diamond shaped icons):

Blue: AI's with police gear.
White: AI's with spec ops gear.
Red: AI's with launchers.
The Loot is the same for every type of mission but you can also take the gear of the AI's, also each mission can spawn an armed helicopter (With AI's in it, so NO reward vehicle).


Every restart there are +/- 250 Vehicle spawning random on the map. About 70-100 of them are some sort of tanks. You can claim them with a code lock or sell them for quiet some money.
Your ductape is only working for vehicles without tracks. Tanks with tracks can only be repaired with a repair vehicle of any kind.
We have edited some vehicles to balance them. A full list can be found in your xm8 under server information.
When there are <= 10 players online you will only get 50% of the normal vehicle sales price.
The artillery (mortars and artillery vehicles) has no artillery computer.


The naximum flag lvl is 10 and with every lvl you can add 30 more parts and get +15m radius.
You need a base for placing safes, containers, and so on. Safes which are not inside a territory will be gone after one restart.
There is a maximum building height of 30m #nopenisbases.
You have to pay your base every 14 days otherwise it will get automatically deleted, for the specific date open your XM8 and click on the Territory icon.
If your flag has been stolen, all codes will change to 0000 after 2 days and the base will be removed after 3 days.
Base spawn is deactivated.
If you want to get notentifications (raiding/payment/etc.) regarding your territory when you are offline, join our discord and register with the ESM bot (Server code BL_altis).


There has to be at least 15 players online to start a raiding action.
A Laptop has a fail chance of 70% and if it fails, it will despawn.
A Grinder has a fail chance of 70% and if it fails, the battery can despawn but you keep the battery when the grind is successful.
The batteries can only be found as a reward for the city missions.
For blowing up a structure you need 3 charges of the required type (wood, metal and big momma). Every structure inside a base can be destroyed.


We have militarized loot so you can also find weapons in normal civilian buildings.
At the grenade symbols you can find stuff like 7,62 sniper rifels + RPG's.
Inside the radioactive zone you can find stuff like launchers, high value rifels and ENVG's (thermals), but you need a gas mask to enter the zone.
The gas mask can mostly be found in military loot and missions.


You might have noticed that you don't have the best PFS here but that isn't really our fault. It mostly is the map Altis combined with Exile (But in our opinion this is only map which makes sense for a militarized server).
The main factors we can control are base parts, which are limited to 300 on lvl. 10 (lower than on many other servers), vehicles on the map (We don't want to lower them since the server should be noob friendly) and the server performance itself (We use an i9 7900X + M.2 SSD's, so that is waaaay more power than most other servers have).

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